Pistol Grip injector with case

The Flaming Coals Pistol Grip Meat Injector with Case gives you complete control over the injecting process with a large capacity and adjustable trigger to control the amount of flow per pull.

hark meat Shredders

Features two strong meat claws, each with six sharp prongs.
Lifts, shreds and pulls apart smoked and barbequed meats.
Able to withstand hot foods.
Dishwasher safe.

hark marinade injector

Take your proteins to another level with this Hark BBQ Marinade Injector – 30mls. Tenderise and flavour your favourite cut of meat. Simply inject your marinade of choice straight into the meat (away from bone). Obtain instant flavour with no wastage or mess.

basting mop

The absorbent cotton head holds a maximum amount of sauce and makes mopping your ribs, brisket and shoulders a breeze.


With Tramontina Teak Wood Cutting Boards you will have the right toll to prepare all your dishes. The board is perfect for chopping ingredients and/or serving appetisers for your guests.

The stunning teak wood used to make this board has a natural finish, which not only looks stylishly rustic, but is also biodegradable and made of 100% reforested wood.

Key Features:
Beautiful teak cutting board.
Size – 69 x 28 x 2.2cm.
Made in Brazil of 100% reforested wood with a natural finish that is biodegradable.
Tramontina has been around since 1911 and is known for its high quality standards.
The generous size makes this board ideal for carving large cuts of meat and poultry.


BBQ the Brazilian way over charcoal with these single prong skewers.

Simply your meat, slide it on to a skewer (careful to aim it away from the body), and get cooking over coals.
Clever v-groove design to assist in holding most cuts of meat or vegetables.
Crafted from stainless steel with a clever v-groove design.
Ergonomic handle crafted from wood sourced from reforested areas.
Perfect for creating authentic Brazilian-style churrasco at home.
Includes a plastic protective tip.
Hand washing is recommended.
Made in Brazil.

Choice of: 55cm, 65cm, 75cm and 95cm long


An easy and effective way to cook your fish, vegetables or meats over an open fire, you’ll need the Tramontina Churrasco Rectangular Grill Basket.

Crafted from stainless steel, all you need to do is slide the locking latch off, open up the grill, load it up with your favourite meats, close it up and slide the latch back on. Now you’re ready to create an authentic Brazilian barbecue in your own backyard!


Quality carving fork, perfect for the family Sunday roast!
FSC Certified.


Strong BBQ Spatula with wood handle.
FSC Certified.


Ever wanted to become a pit master or think you know everything there is to know about smoking meat, then this is the book for you. Temples of BBQ by Lance Rosen won the Best BBW Cookbook in the World at the 2016 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

Join Lance Rosen and his family on the BBQ road trip of a lifetime through the Southern and Midwest states. They drove over 6000 kilometres in 26 days and ate at 69 BBQ and soul food joints. They focused on the true Temples of BBQ, where the pitmasters are like preachers with their own congregation of followers.


This complete ‘How to BBQ’ Guide delivers in one easy-to-learn format all there is to know about cooking over wood fire using smokers, grills and BBQ’s. Barbecue Like a Boss is Pitmaster Adam Roberts’ follow up book to ‘Ribs’ and is a must have in your cookbook collection. Featuring how to Low N Slow, Grill and Roast meat to perfection, this book also educates on what cuts to ask the butcher for, what temp to cook at, what cook techniques to apply and how to achieve the perfect texture. If you’ve been to one of Adam’s ‘Learn to BBQ’ Classes across Australia or New Zealand, you’ll likely have seen some of this content in practice. However, there’s only so much you can teach in a two-hour class – and this is the complete guide to all things barbecue that you’ll refer back to time and time again

cooking on the BIG GREEN EGG – James whetlor

Cooking on the Big Green Egg showcases this vital piece of outdoor cooking equipment and offers instructions and recipes for everything you’d ever want to cook in it. Award-winning author of Goat, James Whetlor, guides the reader through the basics of using your Big Green Egg, with a full explanation of how it works and how to get the best out of it, whether you’re cooking on the grill or plancha, oven roasting, smoking, baking, cooking ‘dirty’ directly on the coals, or taking it low and slow.
With James’s cooking advice and tips, you’ll then be ready to cook your way through 70 amazing recipes including all the basic meats and joints, whole fish, vegetables and jaw-dropping BBQ feasts. With this outstanding book by your side you’ll go from beginner to EGG expert in no time, and enjoy delicious food in the process all year round.


This is an all-new collection of 55 recipes introduce myriad flavor capabilities from top International chefs for using the Big Green Egg. This book takes cooking with the Big Green Egg to the next level with 55 recipes for professional chefs and experienced home cooks along with profiles of 15 International chefs, explaining how they discovered the Big Green Egg, as well as why and how they are using it in their professional kitchens. Inside you’ll find recipes ranging from smoked fish to grilled pizza, and roasted carrot salad to apple tart. Just some of the recipes include: –Eggplant Steaks with Fennel-Rosemary Dressing and Buffalo Mozzarella –Smoky Burger with Miso Butter, Kimchi, and Fried Egg Yolk –Smoked Warm Salmon on Beet and Broad Bean Salad with Horseradish Sauce –Calzone with Sausage and Ricotta –Indian Lamb Spareribs with Chapati and Apple Yogurt –Baked Truffle Potatoes with Mushrooms and Vanilla Oil –Pumpkin Tarte Tatin with Creme Fraiche –Pork Belly with Sage, Roasted Grapes, and Bean Salad –Puffed Pancake with Peaches and Plum Compote –Ice Cream Cake with Whipped Cream and Blackberries

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