Green Mountain Grills Ledge Prime 2.0 WIFI GRILL

Ledge prime 2.0 wifi grill



  • AC + DC Dual Power Versatility
  • WiFi Smart Control
  • Rounded/Peaked Hybrid Chamber Design
  • Grilling Light
  • Accessory Side Shelf
  • 65°C – 287°C (150°-550°F) Temp Range
  • Dual Meat Probes
  • USB Charging Port
  • Bottle Opener
  • Enabled for optional accessories: 
    – RACKT™ Technology
    – Rotisserie
    – Wood Fired Pizza Oven
    – SideBURN™ Infrared Searing Station


Introducing Ledge Prime™ 2.0.
Revolutionizing backyard BBQs with superior wood-fired flavour and unrivaled customization options. Featuring a new rounded/peaked hybrid chamber design for optimal heat distribution and smoke circulation, creating a 360° wood-fired greatness.

Equipped with GMG RACKT technology for customizable optional accessories.

Other options include adding the SideBURN™ attachment for high-heat cooking, Rotisserie or Wood Fired Pizza Oven to transform your grill to multi purpose.

The Ledge Prime™  2.0 is a smart grill that can be controlled via the GMG PRIME 2.0 APP. Monitor grill and internal food temperatures on-the-go.



WEIGHT83 kgs (184 lbs)
HEIGHT129 cm (51 in)
WIDTH132 cm (52 in)
DEPTH85 cm (33.5 in)
HOPPER CAPACITY8 kg (18 lbs)

optional accessories

Pizza Attachment

Upper Rack

Spritz Bottle


SideBURN Searing Station

Rotisserie Kit 

RACKT Warming Rack

RACKT Rib Rack

RACKT Chicken Leg Holder

RACKT Griddle

RACKT Back Board Ledge

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Hark Meat Injector

Meat Church Honey Hog

Tramontina End Grain Teakwood Board

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